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Chapter III
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Chapter III

The pounding of the hoofs rang out amongst the silent streets of Hyrule. The six riders strode through the city until they reached the gates of the castle. Link went to the table and grabbed his sword and shield. "Link, what on earth do you think your doing?!" Cried Zelda has Link begun to hook his sheath around his waist. "I’m preparing for the worst Zelda." Zelda face went from surprised to angry. "Preparing for the worst?! What are you talking about!" But before Link could answer her, the doors burst open and Hyrulian guards came into view. Behind them, five gerudo women followed them. Link’s eyes caught the giant looking figure looming over the guards and women. Dressed in a cloak he couldn’t make out his face, but for some reason, he felt uneasy about this person. "Princess Zelda! Called out one of the guards. I present, the ambassador of the Gerudo community, Geode!" At that moment, the cloaked figure removed his hood reviling himself at last.

Both Link and Zelda faces went white. The man standing before them looked, almost identical to Ganondorf. Link tightened the grip around his sword, looking fiercely at the man. The man from his vision had came to life. Standing only a few feet away from him. Zelda, noticing this, made a gesture to Link. Link caught it and removed his hand from the sheathed sword handle. Geode was at least seven feet tall. His massive sword that was around his back was almost as tall as him. Zelda felt the awkward tension in the room. "Geode, would you like to take a seat at the end of the table?" The great Gerudo moved his red beady eyes to Zelda. "Thank you for the gesture Princess." He made his way to the end of the long dining table. Link sit cautiously down again, removing his weapons and sitting them close by his seat. Geode did the same, taking the giant sword from his back and handing it to the Gerudo maidens.

The castle cooks brought the food to the table. The three of them ate in silence. Both Link and Zelda kept giving short glances at the Gerudo. Geode didn’t even seem to notice these looks from ether of them and continued to eat. After about twenty minutes of nervous chewing, Zelda got up and suggested that the three of them move to a more comfortable place to have their discussions. They agreed, and went into a mid sized room with couches and armchairs.

Zelda and Link sat behind a wooden desk while Geode sat in a chair in front of them. Zelda began to speak with a high, politician’s voice. "Now to get things down to business, I want to make a country wide peace treaty between the Gerudos and the rest of the land. With this treaty, the land of Hyrule will return to the peaceful place it used to be before Ganon destroyed it with his evil." Geode got a weird look of resentment on his face but it quickly vanished. "Yes, I agree with you Princess. Grunted Geode with a calm voice. I would only allow this treaty to go on if the Gerudo would be able to run for government positions in Hyrule." Princess Zelda got a worried look on her face. "Ambassador, It says in our law that only the people of Hyrule can become heads of government. Going against that would be betraying the founding fathers of this land." Link looked back and forth from Zelda to Geode. Seeing what would be said next. Geode rearranged himself in his seat. "Princess, Ganon did become an advisor to your late king. Wouldn’t you consider that a head of government?" Zelda looked into the eyes of the Gerudo. "My father made a mistake by going against the law of our founding fathers, and looked what happened. Ganon betrayed my father and stole the kingdom away from him." Geode got up from his seat. "This meeting is over. My people will not be signing this treaty for peace if the Hyrulian government cannot be achieved by anyone but them. Good day!"

And with that Geode flung the doors open and walked out. Link and Zelda looked at each other with sad expressions. Zelda’s plan had not worked. Zelda arranged that Geode and his hand maidens stayed the night in the castle as a gift of generosity. Link also stayed in one of the guest rooms. He had not to Zelda for the rest of the night. Link laid down on his bed. Going through all the things that had happened only a couple of hours ago. His eyes slowly became heavy. The light started to dim around him when a loud scream brought him back to his senses. The scream belonged to Princess Zelda.