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Chapter I
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                    The Legend of


                 The Return of Evil




The Prolog

This story begun seven years ago. Hyrule was a beautiful land, full of prosperity and hope. Until a evil wizard named Gannondorf plagued the world with evil. Using the power of the Triforce, he turned Hyrule into a wasteland. Princess Zelda summons the aid of Link, a young Kokiri boy of the forest. After collecting the spiritual stones, Link opens the Sacred Realm and frees the Master sword from it’s pedestal.

Sadly, Link’s action allowed Gannondorf into the Sacred Realm. Where he took control and made the land of Hyrule into a nightmare. Link, accompanied by the mysterious Shiek, stopped Gannondorf dead in his tracks. After Zelda reveled to link that she was a sage, she and the other sages sealed the evil wizard for all time.

It’s now seven years later, Link has moved away from the Kokiri when he was thirteen. He missed the adventure when he and Zelda saved the land. So he left for Kariko village and now resides there. He still sees Zelda now and then. She is trying to make an alliance in Hyrule. To bring all races together. But the people still do not trust the Gerudos. For it is they who brought Gannondorf...




Chapter I

Zelda paces back and forth in her room. She gleams out the window over looking the land of Hyrule. She places her hand over the ledge and sighs. A knock on the door snaps Zelda’s train of thought. "Come in." A hand maiden walks in and bows to Zelda. She is carrying a tray of food which contains Zelda’s breakfast. "Your breakfast, princess Zelda." Zelda nods as the hand maiden lays the tray on the night stand. Zelda turns to the hand maiden. "Has Link arrived yet?" The maiden looks up, as she fixes Zelda’s bed. "I believe no one is here yet. Were you expecting him?" Zelda face turns solemn. "I guess not." The maiden looks up and then leaves her the room. Zelda continues to looks out the window. "Where are you Link?"

"Link ... Link wake up! Navi, the fairy is floating over the slumbering Link. You promised Princess Zelda that you would be at the castle this morning." Link looks up annoyed by the sight of Navi and flicks her away with his finger. "Ah! Link what’s wrong with you! Get up you lazy bum!" Navi takes Link’s blanket and rips it off of him. "Hey stop that!" Link yells at the persistent fairy. He gets up and rubs his eyes. And looks at his clock. "Oh my gosh! Why didn’t tell me I was late!?" Link jumps up and runs in the shower room. "I already told you that you were late," replies the annoyed fairy. While Link gets a shower, Navi gets his weapons and supplies ready. She also saddles up Epona who was also asleep. "Like horse like owner!" Link runs into the room with a towel on. He quickly changes into his Kokiri outfit. "Even though I’m not a Kokiri anymore, old habits die hard." He straps his sheath and utility belt on and runs to the stable in the back. Navi has just gotten the saddle buckles locked in when Link bust through the door. "It’s about time you got here Link! I have been doing all of this..." "Yeah Navi, I’ll see ya tonight!" Link jumps onto Epona and takes off through the quiet village of Kakariko.

The mid morning was cool and damp. A large rain storm covered the shimmering Hylian grass as Link made his way to the castle. In the distance, he could see the enormous castle walls towering over the tall trees by it. "Seems like a life time ago I was running here to tell Zelda about what Ganon-" Link voice caught in his throat. A sudden flash of someone burned in his mind. A figure of darkness. The figure was Ganondorf, but he was different. He was younger, more like Link’s age. The image faded and Link woke up in a bed in Hyrule castle.

"What, what happened?" Link mutter in a drowsed state. "Link, I’m glad your awake!" Princess Zelda hurried to his bedside. Link opened both his eyes to see her comforting face. He raised up rubbing a sore spot on his head. "Link, we found you and Epona by the small bridge outside of the castle. You were, unconscious." Link looked at her in a confused manner. "Unconscious? Link thought out loud. Why was I..." Then the image came into Link’s mind once more. What was trying to tell him. Zelda gave Link a worried look. "Is there something you need to tell me Link?" Link looked over at her. Her eyes sparking in the morning sun. Link had heard the news of the political arrangements that Zelda had been overseeing. He figured that she didn’t need another thing to worry about. "Link, is everything alright?" Questioned Zelda in a more worried voice. Link got up from the bed and walked toward the window that over looked the castle garden. "Everything is fine Zelda, I must have just lost my grip on Epona, that’s all." Zelda didn’t halfway believe Link. A year ago he competed in the Hyrule Annual Horse Riding Competition held at Lon Lon Ranch. Link took first place. Zelda knew how good a rider Link was and would just never "loose his grip" on a horse without good explanation. Still, she decided to let it go.

Link was fiddling with his equipment on the table in the room. Zelda pulled up a chair beside him. " So Link, how have you been. It’s been ages since we last talked." Link glanced at Zelda and then went back to working on his bow. "Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since we last talked. So what have you been doing all this time? I heard about the alliance you have been trying to push the kingdom into making with the gerudos." Zelda got a annoyed look on her face. "I’ am not trying to push anything on anyone Link. I’ am just trying to mend the fences between the Gerudo and Hylian governments." Link stopped working on his bow. Even though princess Zelda was his best friend, she still had a politician’s air around her. Link tried to think of something dignified to say, but Zelda beat him to the chase. "Link, even though Ganondorf came from the Gerudo, doesn’t mean they are all bad." "I know Zelda, but everyone in Hyrule doesn’t see it that way. They fear the Gerudo, they fear what could happen if another Ganondorf comes to power." Link begun sharping his sword. Zelda got up and looked outside the window. "Link, I just want the world to be reunited again. The way it was before Ganondorf." Link was about to say something when a guard came in. He was holding a pamphlet in his right hand. Zelda turned her attention to the guard who enter the room very stiffly. "A message from Nabooru, Princess." Link gave Zelda a look as she opened the pamphlet and read it. The guard left has quick as he came, shutting the door behind him. Link turned his attention to Zelda who was reading the pamphlet to herself. "Well, what’s it say?" Zelda turned to the impatient Link who was still messing with his Hyrulian sword that was given to him by Zelda. "Nabooru informs me that their ambassador will be arriving here tonight to discuss a peace treaty." Zelda gave a relieved and happy smile to Link who had a questioning look on his face. "Why wouldn’t Nabooru herself come a purpose the peace treaty?" Zelda rolled up the pamphlet and set it on the table. "I don’t know Link, but this could be another great step toward democracy in Hyrule. Link had a weird feeling about this. He set his sword down. "I hope your right Zelda, for your sake."